Elian Nicky yarn is the second most popular and widespread knitting yarn after knitting yarn Klasik. It is an excellent choice for knitting summer sweaters, jumpers and blouses. Its structure is very similar to cotton yarn and it is also very pleasant to the touch like cotton, which is due to the fact that it is made of microfiber. Nicky yarn also very popular for crocheting. What can be crocheted or knitted from the popular Nicky yarn, you can look in the inspiration section, where you will also find instructions for crocheting from the Nicky yarn, and for further inspiration you can visit the page We crochet from the Elian yarn, where you can share your products and experiences with other customers, for example just with Elian Nicky knitting yarn.

Content: 100% acrylic microfiber

Weight: 50 g

Length: 152 m

Packaging: 10 hanks

Crochet Hook: 4

Needles: 3,5 - 4

Knitting yarn Nicky


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