You know knitting yarns under our trademark Elian

We divide yarns according to their composition or possible use.

We have many kinds of knitting yarns, They are synthetic knitting yarns, knitting yarns from natural materials, monochrome knitting yarns as well as coloured knitting yarns and knitting yarns with highlights. Also knitting yarns for children, knitting yarns suitable for winter and summer. Of course, knitting yarns are cheap and also more expensive, but due to the quality of the yarn, always at a very reasonable price. Knitting yarns are our main product and we will continue to expand our offer with other types, as well as new colours of existing types of knitting yarns.

You don't just have to knit from our knitting yarn. Although it is intended primarily for hand knitting, many types are also suitable for crocheting or bobbin-making. You can see it in the Inspiration section.

Examples are Elian Nicky knitting yarn and Elian Lusy knitting yarn, which is a very popular yarn for both knitting and crocheting.

Buy knitting yarns on our haberdashery e-shop.


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